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JOAN SEED artwork Chuck's Daycare n Organ Transplant


What is Trust?

In the course of our lives we extend our trust to people, businesses and institutions. As time passes, hindsight tells us whether that trust was warranted or not.

Sometimes we have very little control over whom we trust because the trust in question is part of a system. When that system fails, it seems no one is accountable... as is the case with Equifax, Ashley Madison, big pharmaceutical and big food for example.

Trusting is giving power. Most stories we see in the news are about gross miscarriages of trust because trust is a stepping stone towards power. The oval shape of my design is a reference to the Oval Office. In this day and age, it has become impossible to imagine trusting the government.

In this artwork, I was inspired to create an allegory of trust as I have experienced it: the gateway to abuse. The best way for me to deal with the many breaches of trust that I've experienced in my lifetime is to twist them into derision. Like many other images I've created, this one is about survival.


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