Why Holiday cards in 2021? 🎄

Provocative Christmas greeting cards by Joan Seed
Christmas Greeting Cards
I know using snail mail in this day and age might seem like a thing of the past, but that's the whole point. Receiving a greeting card in 2021 feels more special than ever. It gives you a unique connection to the person you send the card to. Joan's ironic Holiday cards are completely different from any greeting card you've seen out there. The artwork takes on Christmas from the perspective of the reluctant, the apprehensive and the realist - add a dash of humour and some Joan aesthetics and voilà!

What's better than offering laughter to someone you love? It become more than just a card, it becomes a gift.

Provocative Christmas greeting cards by Joan Seed
The End of the Year

When the end of the year rolls around, many are tired. Not everybody feels like going along with all the hype of the Holiday festivities. I always found Christmas to be daunting but I love great greeting cards. I find that most of them are bland and out of touch. You get the feeling that everybody drinks the same Cool-Aid. Yet, December is the darkest month of the year in the northern hemisphere.

Receiving a greeting card from someone who shares a joke they know only you will understand is a connection that warms the heart like nothing else. 

Provocative Christmas greeting cards by Joan Seed

A Small Thing
Joan's cards are sold in packs of 10 (+1 Free), enveloppes included. Some are funny, some are offensive. I have found humour to be most effective when it comes with a shock. People don't want gifts as much anymore. Tchotchkes of all kinds litter my storage. The intentions were great but the result was landfill. If you can't be sure the receiver will actually use and enjoy the gift, opt for a card instead. That person might decorate a shelf or the fridge with the card and that small decoration becomes a heart warming sight during the Holidays. 

A small thing can make a big difference especially if it's full of originality and wit,





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