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Hi, I’m Joan!

I spent most of my professional career as an art director in advertising, and while it was fulfilling in many ways, I always felt like something was missing. I felt the need to explore graphic design and illustration from another perspective: no longer at the service of clients but in total, absolute freedom. Now, I am guided by my most outlandish and wildest visions. Giving free reign to my creative juices, I have learned that art really comes to life when you don’t have a client chewing away at your concept. 

Sometimes my work is censored. Creative expression, although harmless to all souls, gets stifled by righteousness. But where has this righteousness gotten us? Where have conservative values gotten us? Some people feel uncomfortable when they see graphically designed words in everyday English. Fuck them! These are the same people who're the main purpose is to organize the lives of others; they choose parking lots instead of green space; they use proper language to make their lies more convincing. 

I was born and raised in Montreal in a clean, 60’s, suburban home. I was the black sheep of the family. My daddy was a closet gay, my mother was bipolar and both were narcissistic alcoholics, pretty normal.

I see beauty in so many unexpected places and I believe all forms of beauty are a manifestation of love. Beauty is made to be seen. As humans, we sometimes have a complicated relationship with beauty. Surrendering to beauty is like surrendering to love and considered a weakness, but not in my world! Love is what makes us strong!

My pursuit of rich content and aesthetics are often tainted with irony. This comes from my past experiences. Irony and humour have always been an important way for me to deal with life’s problems. I strongly believe laughter is healing and generates hope. As you can see from my artwork, I sometimes have a cynical and dark sense of humour. I also love multiple interpretations, brain agitators and mental floss.

On social media, I’ve developed what has come to be known as my Fortune Cookies. My Instagram page grows every day with Fortune Cookies. My goal from the beginning was simple: to put a smile on the face of a person somewhere waiting for the bus. Smiles and laughter have been rippling out ever since I started. This makes me happy every day. Making you laugh is my life’s greatest accomplishment.

Thank you for your interest in my site. Enjoy your visit.


Joan Seed



JOAN SEED is from Montreal with love 



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