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Fairies are a great source of inspiration to me. Their magical qualities add sparkle to even darkest days. Fairies make life better, the more you have around you, the happier you feel.
My real life fairies know who they are. I know I can always cry on their shoulders whenever I'm down. I can call on them for anything.
Fairy magic is everywhere, you just have to pay close attention. It's a smile at a particular moment, it's a tingling sensation when you gaze upon beauty, it's a great memory coming back to you through a scent... This magic comes in many forms which is why my fairy series is varied. My Chainsaw Fairy might be regarded as a witch while Rocket Fairy seems more like a pinup, they're all superheroes in their own outlandish ways. These surreal beings are made possible thanks to the magic of retro-collage and my fairy-fuelled imagination.

Misfit Fairy retro collage joan seed grows anywhere Floral Collision retro collage joan seed grows anywhere Rocket Fairy Artwork JOAN SEED Grows Anywhere Botox Fairy Artwork JOAN SEED Grows Anywhere  PHASER FAIRY retro collage artwork joan seed art gallery

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