JOAN SEED NFT Offshore Encounters Collage NFT

Offshore Encounters Collage NFT

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The contrast between the open space and the closed quarters suggests a limited vision. I've traveled to far away exotic places only to realize my mind was stuck at the office. Being programmed is when you realize no matter where you go, you're still confined within the same four walls. There's a parallel between the denatured human and the oil rig. There's also a parallel between the oil rig and any human-operated device created to exploit resources without any moral compass. Regarding what may be going on with the three men in the chamber, I leave that entirely up to your imagination. Perhaps that explains why it's on her mind.

Digital collage artwork made from images scanned from vintage printed magazines found in antique shops and flea markets. Created at Joan Seed Studio in Montréal Québec, Canada in 2022.

NFT ownership includes:
- High resolution png file 5400x5400 px, 600 dpi.
- 1 unique original T-shirt (S to 4XL available).
- 1 unique original framed print 18x18 inches.
- Free Shipping to your location (Availabilities Worldwide).
- 15% lifetime rebate on all merchandise on