JOAN SEED - Beauty Rituels Poster

Welcome to the world of artist, Joan Seed,

where irony meets creativity with a dash of gritty humour. With over 1600 original publications on Instagram, her collages and drawings have garnered the attention of a substantial following across the globe. This unique collection of artwork is available on a wide variety of clothing and accessories. From funny to cynical, nothing Joan does goes unnoticed. Her content can be described as well‑disguised wisdom.

If you want people to drop their phones when you walk into a room, this is for you.


My Spirit Animal

What's yours?

Fixing a Broken Heart

This world can hurt you, but nothing breaks like a heart.

Time Slip Over Albuquerque

A time slip is a glitch in the time-space continuum where different moments in time collide in a parallel universe.

Go Whore or Go Home

If you get on your knees, God will cum.

Television Fascinator

This collage deals with social media and how we constantly show a variety of aspects of ourselves.

Butt Plug Headquarters

I'd rather go back to the orifice than to the office…


If you feel like you're carrying half of your belongings with you at all times, this backpack is for you!

Snapback Caps

Throw this on as a complement to whatever look you’re going for.

Decorative Pillows

Could your decor use a lift? This soft pillow will instantly give character to any space. It also makes an excellent hugger.

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