New Collection

Welcome to the world of Joan Seed,

With over 1,800 original posts on Instagram, Joan’s art is world famous. This unique collection is available on a variety of LIMITED EDITION clothing and accessories. Nothing we make is mass produced, which ensures you will likely never see anyone else wearing the Joan Seed t-shirt that was made just for you. Creativity is Joan Seed’s oxygen, therefore, the collection is always evolving. New designs will replace older ones.

If you see something you like, take it before it goes away.



From death there is life again…

Rocket Fairy

Did you know you can be a Queen and a Fairy at the same time?

Time Slip Over Albuquerque

A time slip is a glitch in the time-space continuum where different moments in time collide in a parallel universe.

Go Whore or Go Home

I say just go for it. This is no time to be a goody two shoes.

Eating Cars

Tired of being serious? Have you or anybody you know ever witnessed something stupid?

My Spirit Animal

What's yours?


If you feel like you're carrying half of your belongings with you at all times, this backpack is for you!

Snapback Caps

Throw this on as a complement to whatever look you’re going for.

Decorative Pillows

Could your decor use a lift? This soft pillow will instantly give character to any space. It also makes an excellent hugger.

Christmas Collection

Each design offers an alternative perspective of Christmas. Think of it as a step program to help you cope with the Holidays.

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