Welcome to my imaginary world!

If you've gotten this far on my website, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your interest. Who I am doesn't really matter. I'd rather let my art do the talking. It says more about me than anything I can write about my life. I am a creature consumed by the need to create art. Some call it a gift, but at times it feels like a curse. I have a bachelor's degree in fine arts and a background in advertising. After many years in the advertising field, I was drained. I needed to explore art on another level: no longer in the service of clients who chewed away at my every concept, but with total, absolute freedom to express myself artistically.

I see beauty in so many unexpected places and I believe all forms of beauty are a manifestation of love. Beauty is made to be seen. Surrendering to beauty is like surrendering to love. Love is what makes us strong!

As you may already know, I despise conformity. It stifles me, and always has. Have you ever felt like you were being squeezed into a mold? Finding your own path in life can be an uphill battle. In some parts of the world, it can even be deadly. Conformity serves governments, banks and statisticians.

Social media influencers have given birth to a whole new brand of conformity that I don't wish to be any part of. Therefore, I will never show my face or my ass. My art is the most authentic gift I have to offer.

My work tends to resonate with people who live life off of the beaten path. My creative exploration has helped me cope with life.

Art is a distillation, in goes the bad and out comes the art. Once it's out there, someone can relate to it. That person will feel touched and connected. That itself is inspiring. After all, connection is way better than conformity.

Enjoy your visit,
Love, Joan.


Joan Seed



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JOAN SEED is from Montreal with love 

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