What is an NFT

and how to buy one?

An NFT (Non-fungible tokens) is a digital asset that represents real-world objects like art, music, in-game items and videos. They are bought and sold online with cryptocurrency (Ethereum). Although they’ve been around since 2014, NFTs are gaining notoriety now because they are becoming an increasingly popular way to buy and sell digital artwork. Joan Seed NFTs are one of a kind and have unique identifying codes. 

Traditionally, an authentification document on paper would certify an original work of art. With NFTs, the authentification is encrypted into the digital file and kept in permanence on an on line registry certifying that you are the soul owner of the unique original png file.

This is a great investment opportunity. Add a Joan Seed NFT to your collection and watch the value increase significantly over time.

Purchasing tutorials

To enjoy the exclusive benefits of a Joan Seed NFT, you will need to own an NFT card from the collection. These NFT cards can be purchased in Ethereum (ETH) which you will need on time of the sale. Too complicated? Not at all!

If you are new to the world of cryptos and NFTs, this tutorial will guide you from A to Z to convert your choice of currency to Ethereum and buy your unique Joam Seed NFT card.

1/4 - Create your Ethereum wallet

Just like "fiat" money (state issued currency) that is stored in a traditional bank account, the cryptocurrency is stored in a specific wallet (a decentralized wallet or "Wallet DeFi"). To buy a Joan Seed NFT, you will need your own decentralized wallet. Some apps like Crypto.com or Binance lend you a wallet to store your cryptocurrencies.

For this tutorial, we will be using the MetaMask decentralized wallet.

To get started, download the MetaMask application from the Apple Store or the Android Store. When you launch the application for the first time, you will have to "Create a new portfolio" (2).
Once you get to the password creation screen, create your password and proceed to the next step.

Congratulations, your MetaMask password is created!

Now a key step: generate and secure your security phrase.

This passphrase will be the equivalent of your bank card code. It will unlock the access to your cryptocurrency wallet on applications like MetaMask. This security phrase is composed of 12 words that will be assigned to you and revealed as shown in the screenshots below. Make sure you write down your 12 words on a piece of paper, in the right order and all in lower case, BEFORE you move on to the next step. If you lose this combination, you lose access to your Ethereum wallet. Never give it to ANYONE!

Did you write down your word combination correctly? The next step will verify it! Select each of your 12 words in the order in which they were communicated to you during the previous step and go to the next step. Make sure one last time that your 12 words are written down without spelling mistakes, in the right order, and click on order, and click on "Complete Backup".

Congratulations, your ETH wallet (Wallet DeFi) is now created and ready to receive Ethereum!

Before going any further, let's configure the application in the currency of your choice (configured in dollars by default). Click on the icon at the top left of the screen to bring up the side menu and do the following steps:

Your ETH wallet is now configured in the currency of your choice, ready to receive your first ETH. It's time to collect your first ETH to prepare for the sale! Since bank processing times can take a few days to validate transactions, it is recommended to complete this step right away.

2/4 - Convert your the currency of your choice to Ethereum

For this step, download the Crypto.com app from the Apple Store or Android Store. This application will allow you to convert the currency of your choice to the corresponding amount in ETH.

When you launch the application for the first time, you will have to create an account. Fill in all the required information: email, password and all the requested requested (ID card, selfie, etc.). A message will then inform you that your identity has been verified. This step can take between 1 hour to 2 business days.

Once your account has been validated by Crypto.com, you will have access to the entire application. On the Crypto.com app you now have 2 different ways to buy Ether:
a. by bank transfer (between 1 and 3 working days depending on the bank)
b. by bank card (instant payment)

a. Buy ETH by bank transfer
Deposit the currency of your choice on the application. Start by making a transfer from your traditional bank to the Crypto.com app. To do this, click on "Account" and then on "Fiat Wallet".

Then follow the steps below to:
Add the the currency of your choice to your application (if it is not already set up). Obtain the bank information you will use to make your transfer.

Now add your Crypto.com bank account as a new beneficiary on your traditional bank. Please note that it is forbidden to send money from an account that is not in your name. Once your bank has validated your new beneficiary account, you can fund your Crypto.com account by bank transfer.

How much money should you transfer to this account?
To find out what amount you need to transfer, search Google for "value of Ether" in the currency of your choice. It will quickly make the conversion! We recommend that you transfer an extra $100 (or the equivalent in the currency of your choice) on top of the price displayed to anticipate possible variations (from the moment the transfer is requested to the moment the sum appears on your application).

You only have to wait a few days to receive your bank transfer. Generally, it takes less than 3 working days for the first transfer. The following transfers you make will take a maximum of one business day. Convert your currency of choice received on the application into Ethereum. Once the money is received on your Crypto.com app, it's time to convert it into Ethereum!

To do this, simply follow these steps:

b. Buy ETH by credit card
You can also instantly buy ETH directly from your bank card. How much money do you need to transfer to this account?

To do so, simply follow these steps:

3/4 - Transfer ETH from Crypto.com to your MetaMask wallet (created at Step 1)

Last step, I promise, we're getting to the end. 🙂

To buy a PBC access card, your ETH will need to be in your decentralized MetaMask wallet (created in step 1/3 earlier in this article). Now you have to send the Ethereum (bought on Crypto.com) to your wallet!

a. Get the ETH address of the MetaMask application. Here you will need to retrieve your Ethereum wallet address from MetaMask. How to get your Ether wallet address Open the MetaMask application (installed in step 1/3 ) Copy your ETH address.

Warning! When copying the address from Metamask always check the first 6 and the last 6 characters.

b. Add MetaMask's ETH address to Crypto.com. To do this, go back to the "Accounts" tab and click on your crypto wallet balance (see visual below). Then search for the currency “Ethereum” and click on it. You will access your “Ethereum” account where you can find your balance, a price curve and your transaction history. Then click on "Transfer".

Click on the “Withdraw” button to be able to choose where you want to send your cryptocurrency. Now you have to send your Ethereum (picture below) to your external wallet MetaMask (the one created in step 1/3).

As the Crypto.com application is very secure, you will first need to add the address of your Metamask wallet in the withdrawal whitelist (see below). Name the address to help you remember which wallet it corresponds to in the whitelist (e.g. Metamask Ether).

Your ETH will be visible after a few hours on the MetaMask app.

4/4 - Buying your NFT card on Rarible

You finally have your ETH in MetaMask! Congratulations! You can now buy your first Joan Seed NFT card. Hurry stocks are very limited.

a. Choose your NFT card: https://rarible.com/joanseed/sale

b. Click Buy for 0.5 ETH

c. Click on “Sign in with wallet”

d. Choose MetaMask. Make sure you have the necessary amount of ETH on MetaMask to buy your NFT+gas fee - If you don't know what this is, here is a very simple explanation: https://allthings.how/what-are-gas-fees-for-nfts/

e. Buy your NFT and enjoy the exclusive benefits associated with owning it. If you ever want to resell it, you can resell it on Rarible or on OpenSea.

That's it, you've finished this tutorial 🥰

Love, Joan.